General Questions

Can we install iClassPro on our own server?

No. iClassPro is a hosted online software service. The source code or an installable software version is not available.

Cloud based software gives businesses several advantages, including:

* Program updates are automatic.
* Your data is backed up in multiple locations.
* Compatible on any computer (Mac or PC) with the use of a recommended web browser.
* Your computer system stays fast and your hard drive space stays free for other uses.
* No networking headaches at your facility.

We are not ready to offer online registration. Can we still use iClassPro without the parent portal?

Yes. The parent portal is an iClassPro hosted website that you link to your webpage. If you choose not to use it, it’s as simple as not providing customers with that link. The remaining features of iClassPro can be used independently through the main iClassPro application.

Can I use iClassPro to monitor multiple facilities or locations?

Yes. You can create a separate iClassPro account for facilities which use separate banking and financial information or you can keep track of all your business information and finances from one account with a simple to use location toggle. With either setup, you can take advantage of our multiple facility discounted rates.

Can I transfer my data from other software?

Yes, you can ask support to assist you with a free data import. If we do not have a specialized importer for your previous software, we can import family and student information using our special import layout from an Excel spreadsheet. In fact, any program that can export your data to Excel can easily be transferred into iClassPro. (This is not a gurantee that all data can be transfered.)

Please contact a repersentitve for more specific instructions on importing your data.

iClassPro provides data import tools for the following programs:

Jackrabbit Class
Pro School Version 2 and Version 3

Do I have to have a website to use iClassPro?

No. iClassPro is a stand-alone web based software service that works independent of your website. Customers can even access the Parent Portal from a custom iClassPro link we can provide you with.

If you are in the market for a website, we highly recommend:

These website companies are fully compatible with iClassPro and have been tested and approved.

Will iClassPro work on my Mac (Macintosh/Apple computer) or just my PC?

Yes. iClassPro is 100% compatible with Mac, PC, or Linux. Because iClassPro is a web based software, the only software requirement is using one of our recommended browsers to access the internet application.

Recommended Browsers include:
Mozilla Firefox version 21 or higher.
Google Chrome version 25 or higher.

While we try to accomodate for most popular browsers and updates, results with browsers such as Internet Explorer or Safari may vary.

New to iClassPro?

What kind of support is available with my iClassPro account?

Support is free! And, we will do our best to help you get the most out of our software!

We understand that implementing a new system can be a lot of work, and it is our goal at iClassPro to make setup and use of our system as easy as possible. In fact, once you have everything setup for your business, using iClassPro for your day-to-day operations is a breeze!

We pride ourselves on providing real time, person to person support rather than going through complicated channels and callbacks like similar online softwares. We are available during business hours by phone, email, support ticket, and chat! You can also access our guides at or use our online Knowledgebase and submit support tickets on the weekends. Tickets recieved during off hours are addressed as soon as time permits on the following business day.

Our business hours are Monday through Friday, 8am to 6pm Central Standard Time. 

Support Telephone: 877-55-GoPro
Support Knowledge base:
Support Help Tickets:

Click here for additional support options.

How does the free trial work?

iClassPro offers a free trial of the software for 30 days from signup.  We do not require the collection of credit card information during the signup process so unless you voluntarily add this information to your account for billing purposes, payment cannot be collected automatically.

During your free trial you have full access to support and are encouraged to import or create some data within your account. Our support team is happy to listen to your business model and make recommendations to suit your business needs while setting up the software. If you choose to cancel your account within the 30 day free trial period, you won’t be charged a thing. At the end of your trial, you will recieve a billing notification that a charge has been placed on your account. After a courtesy period, your account will be suspended for nonpayment if payment information is not provided. 

If you choose to cancel your account in the future, you will not be charged on your next billing date but you are responsible for any charges already incurred up until the point of cancellation. Because we do not require payment information on signup, we do not issue refunds to payments after your initial 30 day trial and we do not, as a policy, prorate for partial months of service. Each billing period, payment is collected for the following month of subscription access to the iClassPro software.

Financial Questions

Will iClassPro calculate change when taking a payment?

Yes. If you use the cash payment type and check the box to give change for the transaction, iClassPro will tell you the amount of change due to the customer. It will not, however, operate a cash drawer or provide drawer or shift totals.

A credit card transaction did not go through or produced an error. How do I find out why?

Sometimes Authorize.Net will return a response code and a short description of what happened.  A lot of time that short description is not very helpful in determining the issue.

In iClassPro the errors are usually formatted as so:

"3:1:128: This transaction cannot be processed."


Here is a link that will help you determine why certain transactions fail through Authorize.Net:

What is ACH / NACHA File Generation?

iClassPro includes, at no additional cost, a NACHA File Generation feature. You can use iClassPro’s NACHA file generation feature to process ACH transactions for a group of your clients in one easy step.

The NACHA file feature works similar to auto-payments feature. A NACHA file is a universal file format that a bank of your choice can process. Normally, your banks processing fee is cheaper than a merchant/Payment Gateway account. So, this is a feature that can save you money. In order to process an ACH transaction for someone, you must first have their written approval (or their Billing Authorization acceptance in the Parent Portal). Then, your client can save their routing number and account number on file with you through the parent portal, or you can enter the information on the family page from the staff-side of iClassPro. Information saved and entered in iClassPro is very secure in our database, and all information sent over the internet with iClassPro is protected using 256-bit SSL encryption.

iClassPro will automatically enter ACH payments for all of your customers and create a universal NACHA file that you can download and take to your bank. Most banks can process your NACHA file and deposit funds into your bank account the next business day.

What do I need to do to get setup to accept Credit Cards?

To use iClassPro to process credit card or eCheck transactions, you will need to set up a payment gateway account to act as a secure middle man between the iClassPro software and your merchant account. At this time, iClassPro recommends the following gateways: – US & Canada

SafeSave Payments – US, Canada, UK, Australia

PayWay-- Australia.

Can I print receipts through iClassPro?

Yes. iClassPro allows you to print receipts when entering payments. If you are using a receipt printer, be sure to select it from the printer settings when prompted. By default, the printer used will be the printer set as the default printer in your browser settings. You also have the option of emailing receipts to customers.

Does the monthly price increase if more students or staff users are added?

No! iClassPro is designed to help you grow your enrollment. Why would we want to penalize you for our software doing what it is designed for – grow your business!

No Contracts.
No Hidden Fees.
No Up Charges.

Can I draft payments from my customers bank accounts?

Yes. Your iClassPro account comes with the ability to store customer bank information on file and create universal ACH files in NACHA format. This means you can say goodbye to manually entering checks every month and hello to increased productivity!

Note: Your bank may or may not offer the service to process ACH files in the NACHA format electronically. Additionally, when processing NACHA files you will need to follow up with your bank to find out if any of these transactions were rejected and make any necessary corrections within iClassPro. Please speak with your bank representative for a detailed explanation of how this process works with your bank or financial institution.

What is iClassPro refund policy?

iClassPro offers a free 30 day trial to get accustomed to the software. If you cancel your account within that first 30 days, you will not be charged. If you decide iClassPro is right for your business, you will be charged for the service at the end of the free trial period and you still have the option of canceling at any time.

The subscription fee covers the following 30 days of account access from your charge date. If you cancel midway through this paid period, we do not prorate for partial months. At the time of cancellation, you can choose to keep your access to our database for the full prepaid period or have the account shut down immediately with no refund or proration of charges.

How much does iClassPro cost?

iClassPro charges a regular flat rate of $129/mo per location and the price decreases with the number of locations you pay for. No hidden fees, no contracts, and you can cancel your account at any time. Additional pricing information can be found in the pricing section of our website.

There is no additional cost or restriction to the number of staff members accessing the program and it is encouraged that you take advantage of this to track the changes made by staff users within your account.

Security Questions

How is my data secured on your servers?

We take database security and safety very seriously. Your data is backed up on a nightly basise to multiple disks at multiple geographic locations. Rest assured that even if your personal computer has a hard drive failure, fire or water damage, or even theft… your data can be accessed through our servers from any computer with your login information.

In addition to our nightly backup, iClassPro gives users the ability to backup and restore your data using specially encrypted files from within the iClassPro application. These files can only be opened using iClassPro and are strictly provided as backup. If you want to keep customer information saved on your computer, you can generate and save the majority of iClassPro’s reports in PDF, CSV or XLS documents.

We have strict access control to all servers including database servers.

We require SSL on all iClassPro application pages- meaning all data is encrypted before being transmitted across the internet.

Each iClassPro account uses its own database with its own password to prevent cross account data access by other users.

How can I verify the security of iClassPro’s Parent Portal?

iClassPro’s parent portal uses SSL encryption for all sensitive information, including any payment pages. Any information being sent through the parent portal is encrypted before being transferred across the internet. You can verify this by looking for the secure lock icon in your URL on these pages.

Can I limit the permissions for my staff?

Yes. iClassPro gives you unlimited unique logins to your account. This allows you to create a unique username, password, and permissions for each employee who has access to the software to track account activity. These permissions can be assigned by a general user group (Coaches/Front Desk, etc.) and added to for unique individuals and job requirements by using advanced staff permissions on a each staff user.

Do you release any of my information to any third party?

No. We do not release client information to any outside parties for any reason unless required by law.