U.S. customers have the convenience of an automatic draft option (ACH/NACHA transactions) for customer payments!

This means that you can save bank information on file to ensure that you get your money when and where you need it! Save yourself the stress of fluctuating income streams by having your customers sign up to be automatically drafted for tuition!

The Automated Clearing House (ACH) Network is a processing and delivery system that provides for the distribution and settlement of electronic credits and debits among a large number of financial institutions.

iClassPro will generate, at no extra cost, a NACHA file to be processed by a bank of your choice. Because your bank’s processing fee is probably a lot lower than a gateway transaction, this feature could save you money!

NOTES: You must have a customers’ written approval and banking information on file to complete this task. iClassPro protects this information with a 256-bit SSL encryption.

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