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ACH / NACHA Processing

U.S. customers have the convenience of an automatic draft option (ACH/NACHA transactions) for customer payments!

Get your money when and where you need it! This feature lets you securely store bank information on file for customers and draft accounts using a NACHA file generated by iClassPro to submit to your bank for processing. Customers cannot use this form of payment for online transactions.

The Automated Clearing House (ACH) Network is a processing and delivery system that provides for the distribution and settlement of electronic credits and debits among a large number of financial institutions. Your bank is already a member of that network. The NACHA file generated by iClassPro uses information stored in your settings to create a document meeting the ACH Network guidelines listing which accounts to move money to and from. Because your bank’s processing fee is probably a lot lower than a gateway transaction, this feature could save you money!

NOTES: You must have a customers’ written approval and banking information on file to complete this task. iClassPro protects this information with a 256-bit SSL encryption. Because there is no electronic integration with your bank, your business will assume the responsibility for tracking and updating returned checks.


iClassPro Features Image of ACH / NACHA Processing
iClassPro Features Image of ACH / NACHA Processing