Credit Cards

Process credit cards online and in-house using a secure Gateway account integrated with iClassPro!

This allows you to keep track of family ledgers, stay on top of accounts receivable, and minimize the workload of entering payment information! Even store credit card information on file through iClassPro’s integration with your gateway to take the guesswork out of getting paid! Families can even update their payment information online through the Parent Portal!

The Gateway account is what iClassPro uses to approve transactions in real time. It allows you to authorize, settle, and manage credit card and eCheck payments and acts as the link bewteen iClassPro and your Merchant Account.

Once a transaction is entered in iClassPro, the information  is sent to and stored in the payment gateway, which passes the transactions on to your merchant account so you can get paid. Accounts/ledgers in iClassPro will be updated as soon as the information has been passed to the gateway.

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