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e-Check Processing

Just because a family does not use credit cards, does not mean auto-pay services are out of the question!

Hate the mess of handling and depositing checks on a day-to-day or weekly basis? Accept electronic checks using a gateway integration with iClassPro! Simply enter your customers’ bank information from a voided check to save it on file with your gateway!

A gateway approves online transactions in real time. It allows you to authorize, settle and manage both credit card and eCheck payments. It also serves as the secured link between the iClassPro software and your merchant account which moves the money from one account to the other.  Accounts/ledgers in iClassPro are updated in real time once a transaction has been approved by the gateway!

NOTE: Because gateways have limited access to real-time bank information, when you accept eChecks your business is responsible for adjusting customer accounts/ledgers for returned checks.


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