Staff Permissions

When you're a Pro, you don’t need to worry about the security of data in your employee's hands.

There are many tools to help keep your data safe, including detailed staff permissions. Each employee is assigned a set of permissions, or access levels, that are either unique to them (Advanced User Permissions)or part of a larger User Group.

User Groups are custom labels that allow you to to set a general list of permissions to fit a job description like coach, office manager, or front desk staff. Once a user group is established in your settings, simply select the correct position from the drop down menu on your new staff member, and they will have instant access only to the sections of iClassPro that you have granted.

In addition, each staff member will be assigned their own profile where you can enter a unique username and password to login to iClassPro. Any information that staff member enters or changes will then be tracked through the Audit Log which is viewable by administrative users.

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