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Mass Drop Class Enrollments

Mass drops is another quick and easy way to manage class enrollments! 

Quickly clear up spots in your classes by dropping students attached to a specific billing schedule you no longer offer. Or use Mass Drops to reduce false aged accounts by dropping any students with outstanding or overdue charges from a specific billing cycle (by charge category) or by a specific outstanding charge amount. You can even drop all class enrollments under a program or attached to a custom class keyword!

Choose to exclude students with a drop date already set, delete associated charges along with dropping enrollments and whether or not you would like to send an email notification of the dropped enrollment(s).

Want to drop an entire class for reasons other than billing? No problem! From the class enrollment view, you can drop an entire roster in a few clicks!


iClassPro Features Image of Mass Drop Class Enrollments
iClassPro Features Image of Mass Drop Class Enrollments