Action Required on iClassPro Accounts by Apr 12, 2022
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  • Action Required on iClassPro Accounts by Apr 12, 2022

    March 28, 2022

    iClassPro is excited to announce that one of our next quarter releases will include a highly sought-after enhancement to our software. The new feature, Multiple Logins, will allow the Primary Guardian of an account to "invite" additional guardians to log into the account with their email address/password.

    We're so excited about this update as it will allow your customers more login flexibility by permitting additional account access to family or nonfamily members.

    As a proactive step to this enhancement, we recommend you run the new FAM-12 "Family With Same Primary Emails for Login" report and clean up any emails currently shared between primary guardians. When reviewing this report, you'll want to look for any two families with the same primary guardian, primary email. Your goal here is to make necessary changes to avoid having any duplicate primary emails. Performing this action no later than April 12, 2022, will help avoid any login issues when the Multiple Logins feature becomes available to your customers.

    To generate the report:

    • Navigate to REPORTS > FAMILY
    • Click the magnifying glass next to "Family With Same Primary Emails for Login" (FAM-12).
    • The system will automatically launch the report in the Background Tasks.
    • Once the report is complete, click on the Background Task to open it in your web browser.
    • You will have the option to print the report or save it as PDF, XLS, or CSV.


    As always, we look forward to providing you and your customers with a more robust system so you can get back to doing what you love.

    If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact our friendly Support Team here.


    Admins and Account Owners have default access to the new FAM-12 report meaning that any User Groups with custom permissions such as "managers" will not have access to the report without an admin editing their User Group Permissions. To edit User Group Permissions go to Settings > Setup > Staff Setting > User Groups > Scroll to Family Reports and locate the FAM-12 report. This is the report that you will need to grant desired staff access to.

    Here's what you can do once the FAM-12 report is open:

    • Using the FAM-12 reports generated list, go to the Families page  and then search Email Address (This will show all family accounts listed with the email address on file.)
    • Review the duplicate family account results by checking for Enrollment History, Payment History, Policies, or any account activity associated with the duplicate families.

    If both accounts have historical activity, the best option is to merge the families using the Family Merge Tool. Please see the article How Do I Merge Family Accounts? for steps on how to merge the family account.

    If you find that one of the accounts does not have any historical data attached, the alternative option is to delete the duplicate family account. Please see the article How Do I Delete a Family or Student? for steps on how to delete a family. (Staff members require user permission to have the ability to delete a family. It's important to note that once this information is deleted, we will be unable to restore the family account.)

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