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Amazon Migration

January 04, 2018

We have completed the process of moving iClassPro accounts to our new enterprise infrastructure on Amazon Web Services. You should expect to see a noticeable speed increase (up to 400% on reports) as well as industry best uptimes. This migration will provide both elasticity and scalability during high volume times such as first of the month billing. In addition, the new data center improvements will be particularly noticeable for larger accounts that occasionally encounter speed issues when querying large volumes of data. 

What you need to do:
The only things that you need to change are the links and bookmarks to the software; including the parent portal, staff portal, and the main application to reflect this change.  We will handle redirecting your old links to the new for a time during the transition, but eventually, you will need to make this change.

URL Updates 
Main App:  
OLD iclassprov2.com/a/accountname
NEW: app.iclasspro.com/a/accountname

Parent Portal:  
OLD: iclassprov2.com/pp/accountname
NEW: app.iclasspro.com/pp/accountname

Staff Portal:  
OLD: iclassprov2.com/staffportal/accountname
NEW: app.iclasspro.com/staffportal/accountname