NEW Automatic Invalid Card Flag
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  • NEW Automatic Invalid Card Flag

    March 25, 2021

    Wouldn’t it be great if there were a way to know which credit or debit cards on file were no longer valid? Well, now there is! We’re happy to announce that with iClassPro, when a card is hard declined once, it will now be automatically flagged as invalid, which will help make you aware that an updated payment method is needed.

    A hard decline happens when payment is attempted on a card and is “hard” declined by the issuing bank. When a card is declined this way, it’s usually because the card is permanently invalid for reasons such as: 

    • Stolen Card
    • Invalid Card
    • Closed Account

    The problem with a hard decline is that retrying the card number doesn’t work, even if the decline happens on a renewal. With hard declines, the only guaranteed way to prevent losing the payment is to have the customer provide you with a new credit card. To learn more about hard declines and other card decline transaction result codes, click here

    From the Families page, you can select the filter “Payment Method Invalid” to see a full list of families that need a new form of payment on file. Enabling this filter allows you to limit the results to show only families whose payment information has hard declined and has been flagged as Invalid.

    Click here to learn more about the Payment Method Invalid filter. For details about the Recurring Billing Report (FIN-9), the report used to identify families with invalid cards on file, click here.

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