Better Reporting Capabilities
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  • Better Reporting Capabilities

    June 28, 2022

    We’ve improved how iClassPro calculates the number of active families/students by adding new settings to the dashboard widgets and Families and Students pages.

    Previously, the totals reflected on the "Active Families" and "Active Students" dashboard widgets didn’t always coincide with the Program Summary Report, Level Summary Report, or the Families and Students pages (when choosing to show only those that are Active). This was a result of the widget working as a snapshot of the current date rather than a running total of the past seven days.

    To enhance functionality, we have added an optional setting to the "Active Families" and "Active Students" dashboard widgets to include families/students active within the past seven days. If enabled, the amount shown in the widget should match the Program Summary Report and Level Summary Report.

    We’ve also added an "Active Last 7 Days" filter option to both the Families and Students pages, and if enabled, the “Active on Date” will be disabled which will allow the system to mimic the behavior of the widget and display families/students that had active enrollments within the past seven days.

    To learn more about these updates, hop on over to one of the below articles on our Knowledgebase.

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