iClassPro Blog

Billing Wizard

May 24, 2019

The new Billing Wizard makes billing easier by walking you through setting up your class billing structure. All you have to do is answer questions about how you bill, how you want to handle discounts/proration, and other common billing questions. The Wizard will walk you through a number of options based on your response to the question “How Do You Bill?”

In addition to Hourly and Flat Rate billing options, with this release iClassPro also offers Time Slot billing. With Time Slot billing, you can charge a set price per class period, regardless of the class duration. After determining your billing method, you will answer questions about discounts, proration, taxes, etc.

For timeslot and hourly billing, you can now set discounts to calculate over a week and then sum the totals over the cycle being billed. Setting this option will give you the ability to discount based on the number of hours or timeslots taken over a week but still run billing once a month/session.