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5 Easy Places to Find Shareable Content for Social Media

November 19, 2014

One of the hardest things about running social media for a business is generating enough content. Well this article is being generated to help you, as a business owner find resources of relevant and fun content for your customers to consume.

In the article 5 Universal Tips for Better Social Content posted a few weeks ago, I highlighted the 70-20-10 Rule of social media as a great starting point for your business. That rule deems it perfectly acceptable for a solid 20% of your social content to be from an external source. That’s one in five posts! For many businesses, that might be as many posts as you make in a week. For businesses that use social media heavily, that could be one or more posts a day. Simply take a direct quote or relate the material to your audience, include a link and share!

Note: For social pages like Twitter where character count matters, you can use a free service like Bitly to shorten links and track clicks and click sources to see how it performs!

Not to mention, finding inspiration for original blog articles and social posts is a lot easier when you're actively participating in the community as a reader. It gives you a insight into what kinds of content are being shared (lists, bios, etc), what presentation styles catch your attention most (humor, stats, emotional reads, etc) and how frequently industry leaders are posting to capture similar audiences.


Finding Good Resources:

Use Google News Search! A lot of us don’t have the time in the morning to read the newspaper- so search for news worldwide in just a few seconds by a simply Googling a keyword like “gymnastics” and flipping over to the news section at the top of the page. This is a great way to stay  on top of trending news stories on industry-wide basis.

Your inbox.  Already know a few great resources for industry news and experts? Don't be afraid to subscribe to relevant email updates. Take the time to visit their site and sign up. That way, the news comes straight to you. No research necessary. Sometimes it will be share or tweet worthy and sometimes it won’t be. That’s the luck of the draw.

Use an Aggregate News App on Your Phone. Maybe you don’t like to get all those emails in your inbox with news updates. Or maybe the places you like to get your news don’t have regular e-newsletters. No worries! Get headlines an aggregate news app like Pulse or Feedly which let you customize a list of publications you want to read and deliver the headlines and content directly to your phone!

Check Out paper.li I discovered this gem of a resource less than 6 months ago. How? I got published! Multiple times in multiple papers and the publishers reached out to let me know. When it kept happening, I decided to check it out for myself. Basically, paper.li is an easy way for anybody to aggregate materials from across social media sites and RSS feeds using keywords or hash tags to single out relevant content. And because it’s super easy for anyone in the world to publish these papers, there are a lot of great niche editions out there covering a variety of industries and topics. Find one that suits your interest by searching the paper.li newsstand here for keywords that interest your business.

Search Social Media. So simple, it’s almost too easy to overlook. The third party content that will share well on your social page are probably already performing well on someone else’s. Try your favorite social site’s search feature and you might be surprised how easy it is to come up with winning sharable content.


Social media is really only as difficult as you make it. Can it be time consuming? Yes. Do some days go over better than others? Definitely. But it's still a great low cost way to build relationships with customers during and after business hours. They're already there to socialize! It's up to you to start or join the conversation.