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Don’t Forget the Welcome Packet!

June 04, 2014

Many service based businesses have transitioned to electronic communications when dealing with customers. In a lot of situations, that is a more cost savvy way to conduct business. Making as much information as possible available electronically via your website is a good idea. It allows new customers to do their research and existing customers can easily stay up-to-date.

But don’t completely dismiss the idea of print just yet. Communications with a tangible element have a lot of benefits that electronic communications just can't match. Here are four reasons why you should consider reviving the new customer welcome packet.


1. Conversions & Customer Lifetime Value

Having that packet of information lying around on the coffee table or a desk somewhere in the customer’s home is probably a good thing for your conversions numbers. By signing up with your business, the customer has already made a big decision, but you’re probably looking for more of a long term commitment. Every time the customer sees that packet, they’re reminded about their decision to do business with you. That could be the extra reminder they need to keep showing up for class.


2. Goodies

Everyone loves free swag. A welcome pack is the perfect place to stash inexpensive goodies for customers. Include a coupon, a bumper sticker or car decal, a keychain, a magnetic photo frame or some other small goodie that can be tucked away in a folder of material. These little gifts can go a long way toward racking up some good will. Odds are, that person just handed over a significant portion of their paycheck to enroll at your business. These small touches make them feel that they have gotten a little something extra to sweeten the deal. Plus, if they use that branded goodie on a regular basis or give it to a friend, you can get added brand exposure as they go about their day!


3. FAQ’s

Paper print-outs of policies, account information, and your business offerings can help minimize phone calls and irate visits from customers who didn't read through your policies well the first time around. If you handed them a paper copy of the material with all the answers, they might be less inclined to pick up the phone first—which gives your office staff more time to focus on face to face interactions.


4. Social

Write a postcard insert to encourage customers to be social. Whether it’s advertising information about annual events, links to your social media accounts, or a link to the news and highlights blog on your website—do what you can to encourage the customer to get involved. If you want to benefit from a long term customer relationship, the best way to get there is to encourage relationship building and communications with other customers and the staff members. Real, tangible relationships play a key role in customer retention. The average individual will feel more inclined to cooperate with another person or group of people with shared interests or rapport, than with a company.


In the digital age, it may sometimes seem like the age of the welcome packet is behind us. You may even think that print materials are unnecessary or expensive when you can just host the information online—but the truth is that if your customer relationship isn’t exclusively online, your communications shouldn’t be either.