Camp Block Enrollment Enhancement
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  • Camp Block Enrollment Enhancement

    December 01, 2021

    You now have more control over maximum headcounts for camp blocks. With this new handy update, you can override/adjust the max number of enrollments per camp block allowing for more enrollments on certain dates than others.  

    The Camp setup process now includes the following:

    • Display an option on the Camp Schedule tab to override the "Max Enrollment" on a block-by-block basis.
    • This option will not be available if either of the following scenarios is true on the "Customer Portal" tab of the camp:

      1) "Allow Parents to Choose Days" is disabled (as this would force enrollments in all camp blocks)

      2) "Display Schedule Alias In Place Of Schedule Details" is enabled (as this would force enrollments in all blocks linked to a specific Alias, which   could conceivably allow different max enrollments)

    • Once a camp block has enrollments associated with it, any max headcount override in place will be grayed out and cannot be edited.

    For details on creating and editing camps, visit our Knowledgebase. For more info on how to adjust the maximum headcounts for camp blocks, click here.

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