iClassPro Blog

Changes to E-mail Correspondence

February 20, 2018

As part of our infrastructure migration late last year, we worked to improve reliability of e-mail sent from iClassPro. In the past, when iClassPro sent e-mails on behalf of your domain (i.e. school@yourdomain.com) there were issues with deliverability. Many e-mail providers saw that these e-mails weren’t actually coming from you and would mark them as spam. We could combat this, to some extent, by configuring SPF records on your domain but even this failed to completely fix the problem. As part of our solution, we moved to sending all transactions and marketing e-mails from the application via noreply@ses.iclasspro.com.


Many of you brought to our attention new confusion with customers wondering who these e-mails were from. Additionally, customers who marked marketing e-mails as spam would stop receiving transactional/account-based e-mails. We hear you and will be making changes to the e-mail address these e-mails are sent from. Transactional e-mails (receipts, account information, etc) will be sent from “your-account-name@ses.iclasspro.com" and bulk e-mails (e-mail blasts, closure notifications) will be sent from “your-account-name-notifications@ses.iclasspro.com".


These changes will ensure that customers who choose not to receive e-mail marketing information will still receive pertinent account-related transactional e-mails as well as displaying your brand name in the from field of each e-mail.