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Email Tracking Updates

August 22, 2018

When you send out an email blast to your customers, they have the choice to unsubscribe. This means that any accounts associated with the unsubscribed email address will no longer receive marketing emails from you. A customer might also choose to mark the email as spam. This removes them from receiving further marketing emails at that email address.

When a family email address is re “opted in” to receive marketing emails, a reset is triggered. Any account associated with the email that was previously on a blacklist (unsubscribed or marked as spam) will be cleared to receive emails again. To re-opt-in to emails, a family will need to log in to the Parent Portal, navigate to the family tab, and select “opt-in”.

This will help to decrease any questions or confusion about blacklists to make way for a family email history feature that is coming soon to iClassPro.