Enhanced FIN-13 Report
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  • Enhanced FIN-13 Report

    March 29, 2022

    Your staff will notice better reporting capabilities with new updates to the “Students Enrolled But Not Charged Report” (FIN-13) report. Reports updates include:

    • Improving the report query to properly recognize enrollments that are "Transferred from Paid Enrollment."
    • New filter options that will allow staff members to set a transfer range limit on the report.

    Previously, the FIN-13 report was unable to properly detect when an enrollment was "Transferred from Paid Enrollment" if it was not the first transfer in the enrollment transfer chain. For example, transfers from enrollment A to B, from B to C, from C to D, etc... were not properly detecting that enrollments C, D, etc. were "Transferred from Paid Enrollment" if enrollment A was charged. So with this update, the report will now properly recognize the enrollment when transferred from the “Transferred from Paid Enrollment.”

    Another handy addition to the report is that we've added new filter options allowing you to limit duplicate charge detection to charges created within the past month, six months, or year if one or more charge categories are selected. The new filter option, "Limit Duplicate Charge Detection to a Specific Time Frame," can be selected if one or more charge categories are chosen. If this option is enabled, staff members will be able to limit the duplicate charge detection to charges created within the past month/six months/one year.

    To learn more about the FIN-13 report, click here. For details about the new setting, click here.

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