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Gift Ideas for Athletes

November 20, 2018

It’s that time of year when everyone is frantically searching for gifts for the holidays. But what to buy? Here are twelve holiday gift ideas for serious athletes!

Healthy Snacks- Athletes are famous for snacking because they push themselves physically and mentally. Granola bars and healthy snack mixes are generally welcome gifts.

Sweats- Between any physical activity and your next shower, trying to crawl back into skinny jeans and a fitted t-shirt can be unpleasant. Looser, stretchier clothing is not only great for lounging around the house nights and weekends, but also for regulating body temp during or after a workout.

Sport/Hand Towels- Sport or hand towels are handy gifts for athletes too. Whether you’re sweaty, just got in from the rain or need to clean up a mess- these small towels are efficient and easy to carry.

Drawstring Bags/Totes- Let’s face it—no matter what sport you’re into—your supply bag isn’t going to smell great without a regular washing. Drawstring bags and totes may not fit a lot of gear, but they are generally a welcome addition to other bulkier sports packs. Even if they’re just used for dirty socks. They can be easily cleaned and switched out on a regular basis.

Water Bottles- Athletes simply can’t own enough water bottles. They are constantly in need of hydration. And reusing the same water bottle day after day can be a health risk without proper cleaning. Plus—different water bottles are great for different reasons. Collapsible bag-type water bottles on carabiners are great for runners or rock climbers. Regular old screw top water bottles are handy for hikers or team athletes who can take a time out to cool off. Straws are good for every-day use like in class or at home and pop-and-squirt tops are good for athletes who might need to cool off with a sip followed by a refreshing face-bath. You can even buy water bottles with built-in filters if you’re planning on filling up in public or a strange place.

Resistance Tools and Weights- These aren’t for the faint of heart. However, if your athlete is serious about training, you will probably be safe in purchasing resistance parachutes, wearable weights or other simple tools to push their training just a little further. Just make sure that the equipment is both age and size appropriate and that it comes with easy to follow instructions to avoid injury.

Deodorants and Body Sprays- Many athletes like to keep a stick of deodorant in just about every bag or storage place they have access to. When there's no time for a full shower, it's nice to not smell like a workout all day long.

Headphones- Music can really help amp up a workout. Studies have show that synchronizing your movements to music can actually lead to better endurance and intensity. Your athlete probably already has an mp3 player at their disposal- but a new set of headphones is usually a safe bet because they are easy to lose or break. You can even buy waterproof headphones for swimmers!

Balms and Lotions- Athletes endure a lot of repetitive motions. Virtually any athlete can benefit from a balm or two to help relieve stiffness or pain in those joints and muscles. Lotions which contain vitamins E, C or K or aloe can also have a soothing effect.

Cold/Heat Packs- These are great for pain relief and muscle relaxation. Two things athletes can really appreciate.

Lip Balm or Chapstick- Whether you get easily dehydrated or you spend a lot of time outside in the weather- lips can be very sensitive. That’s what makes this item a welcome addition to an athlete’s pocket or bag.

Hand Sanitizer- For athletes, a lot of training is done in public places like parks, pools, gyms, etc. That means that athletes are subject to a lot of exposure to germs and bacteria that can make them sick. Hand sanitizer makes a great gift, particularly in the winter months when colds run rampant.