How To Recognize & Avoid Phishing Scams
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  • How To Recognize & Avoid Phishing Scams

    October 08, 2021

    What is phishing?
    Phishing is a method of gathering sensitive information by way of deceptive emails and websites. This is nothing new, but just another form of age-old fraud and trickery. You can think of it like fishing with an “f” but with the aim of reeling people in.

    A classic example of a phishing attempt is in the form of an email that mimics an organization or person you trust. This email will often contain an attachment or link with the aim of tricking you into giving away personal information, downloading something, or disbursing funds.

    How can I spot a phishing email?
    Phishing can be obvious but it can also look and feel all-too-real. It’s easier to spot a phishing email when you think like an attacker and not a victim. Examples of phishing indicators include:

    • Misspelled web links
    • Unfamiliar file extensions
    • Prompts to allow unusual programs to download

    Take our quiz to see how well you can spot when you’re being phished.
    Can you spot when you're being phished? Identifying phishing can be harder than you think. Phishing is an attempt to trick you into giving up your personal information by pretending to be someone you know. Take the quiz to see how you do.

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