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How to Handle Seasonal Staff Records

July 09, 2014

Every business seems to have at least one employee who is seasonal or who has left a few times, but gets hired back on due to their experience. In the class based industry, this can be very true for instructors who may have other primary jobs or coach for multiple competitive sports or recreational class types. Either way, we get a lot of questions about how to properly handle these employees within the iClassPro software.


About Staff Member Profiles

When you create a staff member in iClassPro- in addition to filling out their name, hire date, and contact information- you assign them a unique username and password for login. The advantage of creating a unique staff record in iClassPro for each staff member is that their individual actions will be tracked through the audit log, their access level can be determined individually and each staff member can be connected to their own classes and camps. Once entered, the login information stays on file for use in iClassPro until it or the entire staff record is deleted.  (To keep the most accurate account records and history, staff login information should generally be disabled instead of deleted when the employee leaves.)


Disabling a Staff Member Profile

When an employee leaves, you have the option to set the staff member profile to “Inactive.” This will disable any login information set up for this staff record, but it does require some preparation. First, you will want to remove that staff member from any ongoing classes or camps. (This can be done either by simply un-checking the staff member on the class information, using the quick edit tool on classes to remove the instructor or by creating new classes with a different staff member and transferring ongoing enrollments to the new classes, then setting the original classes to inactive.)

Next, change the active setting on the staff member’s profile from the Staff page. Once this is set to inactive, the staff member will not show up on the staff page using the default Active filter view and they will not be able to login with their username and password. This method allows you to keep all of the staff member’s information on file but also keeps your customer and business information secure.


Returning Staff Members

To re-activate a returning staff member’s profile, all you need to do is go to the Staff page in iClassPro, change the Active filter to Inactive and search for the staff member in the Inactive list. Edit the staff member, then set them back to the Active status. The login information and access levels will be restored to the same settings as the last time they were active in the system, so he or she will be able to return to work with no hassles! Simply attach the staff member to any classes they may be teaching and you're ready to go!