Managing Make Up Classes
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  • Managing Make Up Classes

    August 20, 2014

    Managing make ups can be a tricky business. Every business has different requirements to determine if a student is eligible for a make up enrollment and the decision for eligibility is often subjective. For example, the types of absences – such as whether it was a planned absence or a sick absence—may sometimes factor into the decision to allow make up enrollments. Further, those enrollments are sometimes scheduled in already full classes, special make up only classes, or even as private lessons with the instructor.

    Because of the variety of industry practices, iClassPro leaves the decision making to you, the business owners and office managers. This article will detail how make ups and their settings work in iClassPro.


    What is a Make Up in iClassPro?

    A make up in iClassPro is an enrollment type that has no charges associated with it. As for the ground rules- each student can only have one enrollment in any single class at a time (no overlapping enrollments). Because intuitively speaking, a student can only be present in one place at any particular date and time. Make up enrollments can be created by staff members, using the Make Up enrollment type or they can be requested via the Parent Portal. But a student cannot create a make up enrollment in a class they are already enrolled in- because iClassPro is already under the assumption that they are showing up for class.

    Any requests for make ups through the parent portal have to be approved by a staff member through online activity. To allow make up requests for classes online, go to Settings>Parent Portal> Class Registration and check the “Allow parents to request a Specific Enrollment Type” option. This setting triggers both Trial and Make Up enrollment types—but again, these requests must be approved by a staff member through online activity.

    Additionally, if you want the make up requests received through the Parent Portal to count toward the total number of openings in the class (while they are sitting in online activity waiting to be processed) you can also check the option under Class Registration to “Count Class Requests Against Openings.” This will help prevent possible overbooking by staff members as they process requests in online activity—though staff members should always pay attention to the number of openings on a class while approving requests.

    Lastly, when approving or creating a make up enrollment, be sure to set a start date and a drop date. This feature allows you to choose how long, or how many class periods the make up is allowed to extend over. Because make up enrollments take up a spot in the maximum capacity calculations on classes, it is very important to be exact about these dates so that your business can sell the maximum number of open spaces in class and still preserve the desired student to teacher ratio.


    Where Can Make Up Enrollments be Created?

    Make up enrollments or requests can be made for any class in the iClassPro system. This allows you to decide whether you want to create make up enrollments in similar classes which take place on different dates and times, separate make up classes created specifically to host groups of these enrollments, or as a one on one enrollment in a special class time reserved for the instructor.


    What if the class is already at maximum capacity, but someone wants to schedule a make up class?

    If a class is already at maximum capacity, parents will not be able to request make up enrollments for it online. At this point, a staff member must create the make up enrollment and when prompted—override the maximum capacity on the class.


    How can I see what make ups have been scheduled?

    There are several ways to view make up enrollments in iClassPro. The first is from the Home page of the software in the Special Enrollments section. This section of the home page will alert you to the total number of make ups in the system for today’s date and the total number of make ups scheduled throughout the system. Simply click “View” next to make ups to see student and class details.

    Next, from the Family and Student pages, any make up enrollments will be indicated with an orange type box in the enrollments view. Regular Active Enrollments are green, enrollments in other locations are grey, trials are yellow, and wait lists are red. This color coding is designed to allow you to quickly skim through current and past enrollments.

    On the Classes page, all enrollments can be viewed under the quick view after clicking the enrollments icon. Any special enrollments, such as Trial, Make Up and Wait lists are shown separated from the regular active enrollments on the right.

    There is also a Special Enrollments Report under Reports>Classes which will allow you to generate a report of one or more special enrollment types (make ups, trials, and wait lists) over a date range with a variety of filter and report options.

    Lastly, when instructors use the Mobile Attendance app or Class Roll Sheets, make up students are indicated with a special icon that looks like a notepad with a check mark so that they can tell the difference between a make up student and a new student in class.

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