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Moving Forward with iPartyPro

March 04, 2015

Releasing a parties module has been on the to-do list for iClassPro for some time now and we are excited to announce that it is now available for purchase! www.iPartyPro.com


How it started...

Initially, iClassPro was simply a class management software. We specialized in class management because that's what we were good at. iClassPro was initially developed because our owner and CEO Chris McNabb couldn't find a software solution to support his growing business with all the class functionalities he was looking for and without being penalized for growth; he knew other class based businesses must be having the same struggles. After all, handling a growing number of recurring enrollments is the dream of a class based business.

But these days, class businesses do so much more than just sell class enrollments! Expanded services = better time and space utilization.

In Version 2 of our software we added the camps feature set to help businesses manage short-term enrollments. Camps are great for managing special enrollments over a holiday, short school breaks and to offer weekly camps in the summer time! This feature set enabled iClassPro customers to take advantage of available space when their customer base had extra downtime.

But what about when their staff had downtime? Class business owners still had open floor space at their facility during the week, at a time when most existing customers were busy. How could they get the largest return on investment out of the overhead cost of owning or renting that space? They needed a way to attract new clientele and entice those customers to purchase additional classes or services. But how could they accomplish that?


Earn More Revenue Booking Parties!

As the trend to offer birthday parties grew, we began asking our customers questions. Then a little over a year ago, we started coding! This time, instead of releasing a whole new version of iClassPro, our developers created the parties module in a way that would seamlessly integrate into V2.

This new method of release also allows us to pass the costs of iPartyPro (such as development, debugging, testing, support and maintenance) only to those who want to use the new features.


Why Subscribe?

Parties are a big business. They allow you to easily market to party attendees while cementing your relationship with existing customers, who can share the experience with friends and families. The average party booking can bring in around $200 for a small to mid-size business!

iPartyPro also has a lot of specially tailored features for party management that aren’t seen anywhere else in iClassPro. These features let you give customers easy to navigate party options that allow your business to upsell any party experience and get a little more bang for your buck!

Some of iPartyPro's specialty features include:

-          Streamlined online booking (new customers can skip lengthy signup procedures).

-          The option to intuitively book multiple party stations or spaces.

-          Run each party station according to its own capacity, features and schedules.

-          Easily disable party times for holidays, maintenance, special events or closures.

-          Offer multiple party packages at base rates with custom add-on purchases.

-          Give customers the option to pay in full and/or deposit amounts.

-          Send confirmation emails and staff notifications for each booking.

-          Automatically generate additional fees for each extra party attendee.

-          Assign permissions to limit staff access for party-only personnel.


Signing Up for iPartyPro

We’re offering all of these features and more as a part of the iPartyPro module for a $40 subscription increase per location, billed monthly as a part of iClassPro.

At an average party booking price of $200, booking just 3 extra parties will pay for iPartyPro for an entire year! Plus, with the integrated parent portal booking, each time a customer logs into the parent portal to register or make a payment they will be reminded that your business also offers parties! Once activated, the "Book a Party" option will always be visible in the navigation menu.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to start booking parties like a Pro!