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Setting Up Private Lessons in iClassPro

March 25, 2015

In iClassPro, you can offer private lessons set up as classes or camps, depending on your needs. This article will touch base on which setup might work best for you and why- as well as cover the basic setup procedures.


Preliminary questions:

Do students typically book private lessons one at a time or on a regular schedule?

If students generally book private lessons for a series of weeks or months at a time, classes can offer a continuous enrollment for a specific time and date. If students at your business book private lessons sporadically, or on an irregular schedule, camps might be a better solution.

Are instructors offering private lessons on a regular schedule or does availability change frequently?

If an instructor isn’t available every Monday at 5PM, it’s probably not a good idea to book private lessons as a recurring class because it will appear to the student booking the class that they will be attending every week according to that schedule.

Camp blocks can easily be built around irregular schedules using the specific dates option in the schedules tab. Each instructor can build their own camp using either specific date blocks or recurring weekday blocks.

How are students asked to pay for private lessons?

Classes can bill a flat rate for an entire enrollment or an hourly rate for the total number of enrolled hours over the date range the student is enrolled.

Camps can bill per block using a pricing schedule- meaning a customer could book a private lesson time period, or several, and pay the cumulative price for that number of blocks within the camp.

Do you offer discounts for multiple bookings?

Many businesses do not offer discounts on private lessons. If you do, creating automated discounts for private lessons created as classes can be difficult. Discount schedules look across programs, so other classes can easily interfere with the way you are trying to discount.

Alternatively, you cannot automatically discount students for enrolling across multiple camps, but you can build discounts into the pricing schedule for a single camp when the student books more than one block within it.



From the preliminary questions, you should have a better idea of which setup will work for you- classes or camps. You will probably also want to begin by setting up one or more programs and charge categories to track financials for your private lessons.



Each class will likely be created based on an employee’s schedule as well as space availability and will have a maximum enrollment of one. The student will be billed based on the class schedule and the start and drop dates of their enrollment. For this reason, if you offer separate private lessons on Monday and Wednesday- each will need to be created as a separate class.

If you plan to allow customers to book these lessons online, sessions or rolling sessions can be used to assist with enrollment or billing timeframes for recurring lessons. If you do not attach sessions or rolling sessions, you can allow customers choose a start date by using the “Allow Parents to Request a Start Date for Non-session Classes” option and set a limit for how many days in advance it can be requested. The parent portal class registration option to “Allow Parents to Request a Drop Date on new Enrollment Requests” may also come in handy to establish an end date on the recurring private lesson.  But remember, these class registration settings will affect all classes.



To build a camp to host private lessons, we recommend creating one camp per instructor for a time frame of one week up to one month at a time with a maximum enrollment of one (this is a maximum of one student per block, not the entire camp). You will also want to use the setting to “Allow the Parent to Choose Days” if booking online so that the customer can pick which blocks to enroll in. The ideal duration and setup of the camp will depend on the number of blocks that take place within it (or individual private lessons over the timeframe) and how you whether or not you will discount for enrolling in multiple blocks or lessons.

For example, if students typically book just one private lesson at a time or a few private lessons over a few days-- a week long camp with schedules each for each day can make booking a lot easier. This will keep checklist of available dates and times will be shorter and the pricing schedule (which contains a price for each possible number of blocks a customer can book in the camp) will be much easier to build. If the camp takes place over a longer period of time, such as a month, restricting that camp to a specific day of the week might make the available blocks easier to navigate while keeping the pricing schedule small and manageable- but it would not allow you to discount the price of blocks when a customer books lessons across multiple days of the week.



Remember, if you have any questions or concerns about setup, our support team is happy to help!