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Wait List Management

September 03, 2014

Along with iClassPro’s many features comes wait list management for classes and camps! With the right parent portal settings, wait list options are automatically triggered online by classes and camps which are already full (have met maximum capacity). Wait list students are tracked by a specific “Wait” enrollment type. Each enrollment created with the wait enrollment type is marked with a "created date" to manage the order in which students appear on the wait list (students who requested the class first will appear at the top).


Staff Use

Staff members will always have the option to create wait enrollment types for every class, regardless of whether or not it's full at the time. While creating the enrollment, the staff member simply selects the Wait enrollment type instead of Active and fills the rest of form out as normal.


Parent Portal Wait List Requests

In the Parent Portal, wait list requests can only be submitted if the class or camp is completely full and the option to “Allow Parents to Request a Class/Camp that is Full” option is selected under Settings>Parent Portal>Class/Camp Registration. These requests will then be recorded and stored on the associated family, student and class/camp.


Managing Wait Lists

Once a class or camp has started building a wait list, we strongly recommend keeping a close eye on enrollments. If a student already in the class or camp drops, the open spot will display on the parent portal, allowing others to jump ahead in line. So it is important to look for a wait list when you process drop requests or manually drop a class enrollment for a student. Once a wait list has been started on a class or camp, temporarily turn off online registration for the class (you can still let it show online), until you can contact customers on the wait list to see if they are still interested in filling the spot.

Additionally, it’s important to note that a student cannot be both on the wait list for a class and taking a trial or make up in the same class. There can only be one enrollment type recorded per student for each class over a date range. This feature operates under the assumption that if the class is already at maximum capacity and the student is on a wait list—there is no room for additional trial or make up students.


Processing Wait Lists

To preserve the most accurate records, removing a student from a wait list is accomplished by simply adding a drop date to the wait type enrollment. As of the morning following that drop date, the student will no longer appear as a wait list enrollment. Then, if the student is assuming a spot in the class, you can create a new enrollment with the “Active” type beginning on the day after the drop date on the wait list request. These steps preserve an entire history of the enrollments. If you were to simply switch the Wait List enrollment type to Active, the enrollment will appear as if it has always been active.

If there are class periods between the date the spot opened up and the time the wait list student can begin their enrollment, you can use the Enrollment Look Ahead setting to prevent new enrollments from filling the spot (and overbooking future dates of the class). This setting is entered as time frame in number of weeks under Settings>Setup>Class Settings> Enrollment Look Ahead Settings. iClassPro will never assume an end date on an enrollment that is not defined by an attached class session (excluding rolling sessions, which do not drop enrollments) or camp end date.


Viewing Wait Lists

Wait lists can be viewed from many places in the iClassPro software. The first place is on the Home page, which displays wait list enrollments under the Special Enrollments section. Click “view” to see the details of those enrollments.

For quick reference on the Family and Student pages, Wait List enrollments are indicated by red highlighted enrollment types when you click on the enrollment icon next to a particular family or student name. From the Classes and Camps pages, when you click the enrollment icon, the wait list students will display in the right column under a special Wait section.

Under Reports>Classes, you can view a list of all wait list enrollments in the system by generating the Special Enrollments report over a date range.