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What You Need to Know About iClassPro for the Holidays

November 12, 2014

Here is a quick list of common Q&A’s that roll in around the holiday season.

Automatically Prorating Tuition for Closures

Yes, iClassPro can prorate class tuition for classes that take place on holidays when your business is closed. To do this, create a Blackout Schedule including the closure dates. Then link the blackout schedule with the appropriate programs before billing tuition for that date range.


Using Promotion Codes

Promotional Codes are great for holiday specials! You can give a 50% off promo code for enrolling in specific classes or camps OR give a blanket discount of $10 off of every class and camp when registering online! You can even switch class enrollments over to a super-secret billing schedule/tuition pair (this sets the enrollment up with a special ongoing payment plan for the class)! The promotional code system is designed to be as flexible as possible to suit your needs. (Anniversary/registration fees cannot use promotion codes, only enrollments.)


Hosting a One-Time or One-Night Event.

If Tom Turkey or Santa Clause are coming to visit for a one-night only event, you can set this up using the camps feature! In fact, the biggest advantage of camps is that they can easily be created for custom date ranges or on specific dates and times for events that require enrollments. Camps also have questions, which can allow you to upcharge for items like pictures or allow you to get answers to other vital questions! And lastly, camps can be organized in your parent portal using Custom Camp Types which means you can create a section on your parent portal labeled “Find Holiday Camps” or whatever works best for your business!


Friendly Holiday Communications

Looking to send out a holiday hello to your customers? Don’t forget you can add images and format the text in your email blasts in iClassPro to make them more festive! Try out our Holiday Theme Image Pack at iClassPro.com/downloads!

Or you can create a MailChimp account integrate it with iClassPro to export a list of up to 2,000 contacts and send out a professionally designed mobile friendly email or a custom creation of your own for free (up to 12,000 emails- or roughly 6 emails to the entire list- can be sent for free with this plan). MailChimp even lets you track who opens and clicks on your email content! Check out MailChimp plans for information on pricing for accounts with more than 2,000 contacts and/or unlimited emails.

Other Helpful MailChimp Links:

And don’t forget! Customers in the U.S. can also take advantage of iClassPro’s SMS and voice broadcasting system for weather closures or holiday greetings at the low cost of $0.03 per recipient for each message!

If you have any other Holiday related questions, please feel free to contact support!