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iClassPro Updates (Week of 9/6/21)

September 06, 2021

FIN-2 Bank Deposit Report & FIN-8 Credit Card Split Report
Adding a new setting to both reports which will allow you to generate the report based on when the payment was created.
Learn more! (FIN-2 Bank Deposit Report)
Learn more! (FIN-8 Credit Card Split Report)

Point of Sale Staff Permission Updates  COMING 9/9!
Enhancing point of sale staff permissions to ensure that staff members will only have permission to view/edit products, inventory, and purchases connected with locations where they have been granted access. Learn more!

Updates to "Enrollment Type" Filter on Family/Student Reports  COMING 9/10!
Updating the filter to give you the ability to further narrow your search.
Learn more!

Adding Filter to Enrollments Page  COMING 9/10!
New “All Drops” filter permitting you to filter the Enrollments page more accurately. Learn more!