iClassPro Updates (Week of 9/6/21)
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  • iClassPro Updates (Week of 9/6/21)

    September 06, 2021

    Coffee + iClassPro Updates = a perfect morning. Here's what's coming this week...

    FIN-2 Bank Deposit Report & FIN-8 Credit Card Split Report
    Adding a new setting to both reports which will allow you to generate the report based on when the payment was created.
    Learn more! (FIN-2 Bank Deposit Report)
    Learn more! (FIN-8 Credit Card Split Report)

    Point of Sale Staff Permission Updates  
    Enhancing point of sale staff permissions to ensure that staff members will only have permission to view/edit products, inventory, and purchases connected with locations where they have been granted access. Learn more!

    Updates to "Enrollment Type" Filter on Family/Student Reports  
    Updating the filter to give you the ability to further narrow your search.
    Learn more!

    Adding Filter to Enrollments Page  
    New “All Drops” filter permitting you to filter the Enrollments page more accurately. Learn more!

    To be notified when these features are live, visit the iClassPro Changelog here!

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