iClassPro Updates (Week of 8/30/21)
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  • iClassPro Updates (Week of 8/30/21)

    August 30, 2021

    Nothing like a great cup of coffee, a good stretch, and some iClassPro updates to put a smile on your face! Here's what's coming this week...



    New Filters on Families​ Pa​ge
    Do you know the Enrollment Type & Attendance filters that are currently on the Students page? Well, for added convenience, we added them to the Families page!
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    Tuition Schedule Calculations
    Adding a new warning making it easier to identify when the Tuition Schedule does not have enough information to calculate properly. 
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    "Save Card on File" Option from the Enrollment Wizard
    We know it can be a pain to enter credit card details time and time again. To help, we’ve added the option to save a card on file when a card is being added via the enrollment wizard! Learn more!

    Enrollments Page and Widget Enhancements
    NEW filter option and improved widget functionality. 
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    Program Deposit Split Report (FIN-4) Updates
    Enhanced to allow you to generate the report based on a specific time frame when a payment was created.
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