iClassPro Updates (Week of July 11, 2022)
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  • iClassPro Updates (Week of July 11, 2022)

    July 11, 2022

    The coffee is hot and so are the updates coming to iClassPro this week…


    Enhanced First Enrollment Icons
    We’re updating the first icons to work more efficiently for your staff. Learn more!

    Improved Point of Sale Load Times
    You’ll notice standardized filter options across the Office Portal as they relate to Point of Sale. Learn more!

    Updates to Students Page Attendance Filters
    We’re improving the Attendance filters on the Students page to allow for specifying a date range rather than a single date. You'll also see a new option allowing you to specify a "Minimum Number Of Absences Within The Date Range." Learn more!

    Know when these features are live via the iClassPro Changelog. Click here!

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