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Improved Camp Workflow

June 15, 2021

We have made modifying camp enrollments easier by improving the overall workflow for camp-related settings. These updates include:

  • Online Activity will no longer show an "Approve" button if the modification was already auto-approved based on your camp registration settings. 
  • Camp Registration settings have been reconfigured to remove, rearrange and/or nest some settings to improve the configuration workflow. 

As part of this update, we have removed the "Require Payment When Modifying Camp Enrollment Schedules" setting. Instead of this setting, the iClassPro application will now determine if a charge is necessary for auto-approved camp enrollment modifications based on whether or not "Force Pay in Full" is enabled for the "Amount Due at Signup" on the camp details.

  • If "Force Pay in Full" IS enabled, we will charge for the modification. 
  • If "Force Pay in Full" IS NOT enabled, then we will not charge for the modification.

To learn more about camp settings and setup, visit our Knowledgebase here.