iClassPro Blog

Improving The iClassPro Ledger

July 18, 2017

As part of our continued effort to improve iClassPro, our team has been hard at work on new enhancements to the ledger. We've made minor updates to the interface and many users will notice a speed increase.


Here are some of the improvements:

Ledger Preview Dropdown

  • For accounts with unapplied payments, we have added an unapplied payment button that will show payments that have not been applied.


Full Ledger View

  • Instead of defaulting to charges, the ledger now shows all transactions types by default.
  • In both the ledger and the audit log, you'll be able to see the reference id number of charges, payments and refunds to make troubleshooting easier.


New Charge Window

  • We've added the ability to select a date for class billings allowing you to bill for classes in the future. This will take into account multi-student discounts and proration.
  • When creating a class/camp enrollment charge, only the enrollments from that location will appear (preventing charges being tied to enrollments from different locations)


New Payment Window

  • To apply account credit, you'll need to use the new unapplied payment button from the ledger preview or from the full ledger view.
  • Displays the location of the charges if you want to apply the payment as you create it
  • The credit card swipe field now displays the last four digits of the card swiped.


Edit Charge

  • Now allows you to edit the amount and charge category of a class/camp tuition charge even if the enrollment has been deleted (or camp is in past)
  • You'll now be able to see the reference id number and location of a charge to make troubleshooting easier.


Edit Payment

  • You'll now be able to see the reference id number and location of a charge to make troubleshooting easier.


Apply Credit/Payment

  • Now groups the charges and payments by location


Transactions > Payments

  • Apply Credits task has been moved to the top of the list to reflect the recommended order to run the tasks (Apply Credits, then charge payment option on file)
  • Apply Credits process has been renamed to “Apply Credits and Unapplied Payments”


Audit Log

  • Updates for all ledger actions (now searchable by reference id number as shown in the the new ledger view)