Introducing a NEW time-saving Enrollments page & icon!
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  • Introducing a NEW time-saving Enrollments page & icon!

    May 06, 2021

    At iClassPro, we’re constantly expanding our application to help you grow your business and connect better with your customers. And what better way to do this than by enhancing enrollments to work more efficiently!  

    So what does this mean? It means that we've created a NEW Enrollments page (along with a new enrollment icon) that will help you and your staff streamline much of your current enrollment process and better prioritize Waitlist enrollments. From this awesome page, you can:   

    • View Student Name, Enrollment Type (Active/Trial/Makeup/Single Day/Waitlist), Enrollment Start Dates, Class or Camp Schedule, Name, Level, Room, and Instructor - all from one convenient place!
    • Target your Email Blasts, SMS/Voice Messaging, and Push Notifications to specific enrollment types.
    • Easily generate reports to view enrollments associated with particular Classes, Camps, Programs or Levels by selecting filters from the Enrollments page. 
    • Perform important actions related to enrollments such as View Details, Drop or Transfer Enrollments, and View Family Ledgers.
    • View and update enrollment details as needed.

    To help you get back to doing what you love even faster, we’ve added simple one-click attendance from the new Enrollments page. This time-saving feature means that: 

    • Once the setting is enabled and the Enrollments page is filtered to a single day, an attendance icon will appear to the left of each enrollment allowing you to mark the student as “present” for class.

    Not only have we enhanced enrollments, but we’ve also expanded Waitlist management and Waitlist enrollment. Improved new waitlist capabilities include:

    • Filters for Waitlist enrollments, which give you the ability to notify families when an enrollment becomes available.
    • The ability to move a student from a Waitlist enrollment to an Active enrollment. Once approved, the current Waitlist enrollment will automatically be dropped and the new Active enrollment will be created. (Only applies to Class enrollments.)
    • View Waitlist enrollments for Camps.
    • A new Waitlist Custom Priority Groups feature with sibling and multi-class icons
    • New automated email templates for notifying families of a class or camp opening and also when the new enrollment is approved. 
    • Added ability for parents to view and/or remove their Waitlist enrollments from the Customer Portal.
    • A new Waitlist Report (CLA-21) that will generate a list of all waitlisted enrollments within a specified date range. The report includes Enrollment Type, Class Name, Class Level, Class Program, Class Schedule, Student Name, Wait List Start Date, Instructor(s) assigned to the Class, Primary Guardian Name, and Priority Waitlist Group (if enabled).

    And for added convenience, we’ve also integrated some of this new functionality into the Classes page when viewing class Enrollments from that page. Learn more about these updates here.

    Please see below for document links related to the new Enrollments page and the expanded Waitlist feature.

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    For questions about the NEW Enrollments page, please feel free to reach out to our knowledgeable support team at

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