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Lucky 7 to Employee Enthusiasm

April 11, 2018

Wish that your employees were more engaged in your workplace? Wonder the places that your company could go if your people were more enthusiastic about their work? The answer isn’t as complicated as you might think and could greatly benefit your business.


Walk the Walk

Whether you are a member of upper-level management or the owner of the business, your employees are watching you. They see the energy that you do and don’t put in and respond accordingly to that energy. It is important to remember to model the type of behavior you would like to see exerted by your employees. Wish your employees would smile more? Smile more! Wish your employees would have a more optimistic mindset? Showcase an optimistic mindset.

Be Open

Honesty and transparency are two of the things that employees value most from upper-level management. In fact, studies find that management transparency has a 94% correlation with employee happiness. Being transparent with your employees gives them a sense of trust. When you trust your employees, it gives them a deeper sense of investment into the company. This breaks down the high walls of the us vs. them mentality.

Express Gratitude

Saying “thank you” is such a simple thing but it is often overlooked. This acknowledgment of a kind gesture or a job well done is one of the easiest ways to reward your employees. Employees who feel appreciated will be more eager to keep up the good behavior.


Believe in your Business

The most important rule in sales is to believe in your product – and the same goes for business. Want the people you employ to believe in your business? Show them that you believe in it! People put genuine enthusiasm behind things that they believe in. Pick a company mission statement – believe it and stand by it. Identify core values that you would like to see implemented in your company and find creative ways to bring them to life.

Read Between the Lines

Resumes are usually best at showing education level and experience but often fail to adequately highlight traits and behaviors. Who would you rather hire: an employee who is masters educated, has 5 years of management experience but has a toxic attitude or one who is a bachelor's educated, has only one year of management experience, and a phenomenal attitude? Bets are that your entire company will benefit more from you hiring based on traits and behaviors as opposed to hiring based off of experience and education.


Implement A Reward System

Think “Employee of the Month” parking spots are silly? Think again. A study by BI Worldwide shows that only 43% of U.S. employees “strongly agree” that they’ve received “incredible recognition” for a job well done in their current position. Be creative when it comes to recognizing your employee's hard work and don’t be afraid to have fun with it.

Play Together

Don’t only work side-by-side with your employees, have fun alongside them! Play at work helps break up the monotony and is proven to boost productivity. Not only does it add fun to the workplace, it also engages parts of the brain that boost creative collaboration. At iClassPro, we proud ourselves on our ongoing ping-pong competition, our basketball court, and an occasional home-run derby.


Curious as to what would make your employees feel more engaged and enthusiastic about work? Ask them. You might be surprised by how simple the solution may be. And through everything, keep in mind the Golden Rule: treat people as you would like to be treated. Remember that honesty, open communication, compassion, respect, and kindness don’t cost you a thing.