NEW FEATURE! Substitute Instructor Functionality
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  • NEW FEATURE! Substitute Instructor Functionality

    March 07, 2022

    Better instructor tracking and new reporting capabilities are here! 

    iClassPro is excited to announce that we’ve added new functionality to our software that will help you better manage substitute instructors at your school. With this update, you’ll have the ability to schedule substitute instructors, better maintain your instructor and class history audit log, and improve communication with families so they know if a sub is teaching on a particular day.

    Key features of this release include:

    Improved scheduling and tracking: Mark instructors as absent and schedule a substitute instructor in their place. Track when regular instructors were absent, or when substitute instructors were present at a class they do not usually teach.

    New reporting capabilities: New reports that will allow you to look for instructor schedule conflicts and see which instructors were absent or scheduled as a substitute during a specified date range.

    • Instructor Absences and Substitutions Report (STA-11)
    • Instructor Schedule Conflict Report (STA-12)

    More efficient reporting: Updates to the Roll Sheet Report to allow you to see at a glance if a substitute instructor was/will be present on a specific date.

    Enhanced filters: Added a new filter to the CLASSES page to "Show Classes With Substitutes Only." The "All Instructors" filter behavior on the ENROLLMENTS and CALENDAR pages have also been updated to show substitute instructors when assigned as a substitute within the specified Date Range. 

    Staff permission updates: Added a new TASK Permission giving staff members the ability to assign/unassign substitute instructors and new REPORT permissions granting staff members the ability to generate the STA-11/STA-12 reports.

    New automated email template: Notify parents via email when a substitute instructor is scheduled for a child’s class. (This option is available when enabled.)

    More than just a new feature, this much-needed functionality was designed to improve your overall iClassPro experience by helping you better manage substitute instructors at your school. 

    To learn more about this awesome new feature, visit one of these Knowledgebase articles: 

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