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Punch Passes NOW AVAILABLE on the Customer Portal & coming soon to your branded app!

August 26, 2021

Punch Passes can now be purchased and redeemed from the Customer Portal and will soon be available for your Branded App! This powerful update gives you the ability to allow customers to purchase and redeem Punch Passes themselves. 

Previously, Punch Passes could only be sold by staff members via Point of Sale in the Office Portal. In addition, they could only be redeemed by staff members via the Office Portal or by customers via the Check-In Kiosk. Now, with a few simple settings, Punch Passes can be utilized by your customers at their convenience without the help of your staff.

New Office Portal Settings:

  • Settings > Customer Portal > Other Settings: A new area called "Punch Passes" with settings to control whether Punch Passes can be purchased and/or redeemed via the Customer Portal.
  • ​Settings > Punch Passes: New settings to disable the ability to purchase and/or redeem specific Punch Passes via the Customer Portal.

New Report & New Permission Setting:

  • Punch Pass Report (STU-16): This allows you to generate a list of student punch passes and usage status. To find this report, go to Reports > Students.
  • Student Report Permission: Allow/deny staff the ability to generate the "Punch Pass Report." This report can be found under Staff Permissions.

Please keep in mind that if you choose to enable the new Punch Pass settings, Punch Passes will be available for purchase via the Point of Sale. Parents will also be able to redeem Punch Passes for a one-day enrollment in available classes.

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