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New Optional Recurring Billing Setting & Customizable Transactions Policies

August 30, 2021

We’ve added a setting that will allow customers to choose to opt their saved payment method out of recurring billing if the "Require saved payment method for recurring billing" setting is disabled. If the "Require saved payment method for recurring billing" setting is enabled, customers will not be allowed to opt-out of recurring billing via the Customer Portal. 

Previously, when a customer saved their payment information to their profile in the Customer Portal or Mobile App, the system would automatically opt them in for recurring billing. While recurring billing could be disabled by a staff member in the Office Portal, there has not been a way for a customer to opt themselves out.

Additionally, in accordance with payment processing best practices, we’ve also added "Transactions" policies that you can customize. Customers will be required to accept these policies when agreeing to payment transactions on the Customer Portal or Mobile App. 

To learn more about how to opt-out for recurring billing, click here. For details about customizing transaction policies, click here.