New Years Resolutions & Self Care
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  • New Years Resolutions & Self Care

    December 31, 2021

    The day-to-day grind of being a facility owner can be overwhelming. If you’re like me, I know that you have so many ideas and different actions you want to implement, but you can’t help but feel you’re falling behind. It’s a daunting task to juggle personal life, business, and everyone else’s needs, but you have to remember to take the necessary time for yourself so that you can be the best YOU possible. Sometimes the easiest way to achieve this is to speak your goals and write them into existence.

    Below are several ideas to help you with your New Year’s resolutions as well as a printable template to help you start your planning today.

    Personal Resolutions

    1) Attitude of Gratitude: Wake up each morning with a grateful heart. While you’re sipping your morning coffee or tea, think about three things you are grateful for. This sounds simple, but often we forget to take time to smell the roses.

    2) Hobby: Choose a hobby. Select something that you enjoy doing and schedule it. That’s right, SCHEDULE that activity at least once a month. Write it in your calendar like a doctor’s appointment. It could be painting, joining a book club, or getting your nails done. Whatever floats your boat.

    3) Meditating: Meditation has tremendous benefits to your mind, body, and soul. You can easily find videos on YouTube that will walk you through the steps. If you aren’t into meditation, perhaps try prayer or just sitting silently to clear your mind.

    4) Random Acts of Kindness: You get what you give, so pay kindness forward. Take time to do something nice for someone else, just because!

    5) Aspect of Life: Choose one aspect of your life and focus on improvement. This could be eating healthier, exercising, paying off debt, or saving more money. Whatever it is, make a plan and stick to it.

    Business Resolutions

    1) Speak Your Vision: Spend some time with your key personnel and determine what your vision is. Where are you headed? What do you hope to accomplish years down the road? Create this vision, then share it with your staff. Figure out how to implement it into your workday.

    2) Training: Decide what kind of training you need or want to offer your staff. Set those dates and also set benchmarks for yourself to plan and prepare for training.

    iClassPro software training opportunities are easy for iClassPro customers. To stay in the know about software updates and offerings, sign up to attend our FREE live interactive webinars held throughout the year. To stay informed about upcoming webinars, sign up for our eNewsletter, follow us on Facebook, and/or join our Facebook Users Forum.

    3) Evaluate Your Business: Look back at your previous year’s financials. Where did you do well? Where can you do better? Choose one area of improvement, create a plan, and implement it.

    4) Class Management: Dive into your content management system (CMS) and set a goal to learn something new. If you are an iClassPro customer, you may not be using all of our great features. Set a goal to maximize your CMS potential.

    5) Plan A Party: Do something fun with your staff. A simple gathering where everyone brings a dish would be great. It’s important to take a moment to celebrate your accomplishments and just enjoy each other’s company.

    Get your New Year’s Resolutions template here!

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