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5 Reasons You Should be Using iClassPro Merchant Services

October 28, 2016

Does your business accept payments online or offer automatic recurring payments? It’s no secret that most of today’s customers expect the convenience of online payments or automatic payments. Businesses that do not offer these options may miss out on revenue from these customers. Your business could be spending too much administrative time accepting payments or invoicing customers. iClassPro Merchant Services was developed to help you meet customer expectations, save you time, simplify the learning curve, and limit the cost of card acceptance. See more of the benefits of online card acceptance below.


Fast & Easy Setup

We can have you ready to process payments as soon as the same day. Just complete our easy online application and we’ll do the rest!


Transparent & Fair Pricing

Say “goodbye” to complicated statements and hidden fees. Our flat-rate plan is our most popular plan. It’s a competitive rate that can save you on fees and it’s easy-to-understand. We also offer volume discounts and can provide a custom quote upon request. 


Superior Customer Support

Help from people who understand your business.
No more runaround that comes from working with multiple parties. We provide the same great support that comes with iClassPro. We can assist with any credit card processing questions or iClassPro questions all in one place.


Simplified Recurring Billing with iClassPro

Increase cash flow by offering recurring payments. Recurring payments make collecting tuition and fees more efficient and less time-consuming. You can focus on other aspects of your business instead of having to be a payment collection agent.


Online Payments Through Parent Portal

Improve productivity and increase sales by accepting payments online 24/7. Give your customers the option to pay online at their convenience and save you time.


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