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Getting Social: Market Orientation

June 28, 2017

Welcome to Part 4 of Getting Social, an iClassPro original blog series. In this post, we'll learn about a new marketing perspective called market orientation.


Getting Social: Market Orientation

How many times have you changed the channel on an infomercial because you were sick of hearing the host tell you about the products ‘awesome’ features over and over? Marketing can be more about telling your customer how great your product or service is. It isn't all about changing your message, it’s about changing your perspective—no one wants a friend who only ever talks about themselves.

Don’t be that guy ^



Market Orientation vs. Product Orientation?

There are two primary ways to market your brand, and both have their proper time and place. It’s likely, you’ve been doing marketing from a product-based orientation. This is a traditional form of marketing used to inform a customer of the “greatness” of a product or service.

In the Coca-Cola advertising above, the message being conveyed is “Coca-Cola is the best” or “Coca-Cola is unbeatable” because the primary thing that you see in the advertisement is the product. Product orientation doesn’t usually explicitly identify the customers need for the product or service.

Market orientation is less common and less traditional. Market orientation focuses on the customer and their lifestyle. Instead of saying, “look at how great our product is”, it says “Look at what our product can do for you!”. This perspective that feels new and grabs the customers attention better than product orientation. Compare this Coca-Cola ad as an example.

In the advertisement above, the first thing we see is two people—spotting the product is secondary. However, to ensure that the image is tied to the brand, the red and white motif and logo are still prominent. The text in this graphic is very limited, saying “taste the feeling”. This communicates the feeling of happiness and togetherness, tying those feelings to Coca-Cola; market orientation has allowed Coca-Cola to tie their flagship product to happiness. 


Social Media and Market Orientation

Market orientation is well suited for social media. Instead of talking about your brand so much, social media is the chance for you to focus on your customers and make them feel valued. Some ideas of how to implement market orientation into your social media marketing are:

  • Be where your customers are - Market orientation isn’t just about what you say, it is about where you say it. Meet your customers. If your customers have Facebook pages, make a Facebook page. If your customers use Snapchat, consider using Snapchat, and so on.
  • Promote conversation - Talk less, listen more. Social media gives your customers an opportunity to talk about you and talk to you. Capitalize on this! Ask customers to share what their favorite aspect of your brand is. Ask your followers to post a picture of themselves at your business and feature them on your page when they do.
  • Be relatable - Don't be afraid to post things that your customers can relate to. Post behind the scenes photos of your support team. Showcase happy faces within the company—this will help give your company a positive, personal, and relatable quality.


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