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Getting Social: Why?

May 25, 2017

Welcome to Getting Social, an iClassPro original blog series.

This series explores new ways for you, as a business owner, to expand your reach and grow your business using social media.

Chances are, you’ve already set up your business’s Facebook, Twitter, and maybe even Pinterest profile. However, social media is about more than just which networks your business is represented on. How you utilize these platforms determines if it is truly “social” media. Social media can be one of the best ways for you to communicate with your current customers as well as a great way for you to reach an even broader audience—even to gain new customers. 


This modern day, “word-of-mouth” marketing can help you expand your business reach exponentially. When used correctly, social networks can be a way for you to create a band of followers, fans, and even cheerleaders. By building this brand loyalty, your customers become advocates and ambassadors for your classes and camps which can really boost enrollments. This is an incredible opportunity for you as to interact with your current customers, potential customers and the public at large.


When left alone, social media will not likely generate brand loyalty or new enrollments. It should be noted that it is a door to meet your audience where they are. Social media allows you to integrate your marketing communications into your customers’ personal lives. It is true permission marketing that gives you direct access to your students and their parents. In other words, they invite you into their feeds but can stop following you anytime they choose.


If you want to expand your reach, grow your enrollments and ultimately, your business, social media can be your key. Furthermore, your customers are likely using these networks on their mobile devices, which means you have very close access anytime of the day or night. What could be better than that?


Want to learn how to make social media really work for you? Want to learn how to use it to build brand loyalty and promote word-of-mouth marketing? Stay tuned to Getting Social on iClassPro as we walk you through how to use social media in new ways to build your business.

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