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Going Live

May 15, 2018

2017 has been a revolutionary year for video on social media. According to Wyzowl statistics, 81% of businesses use video as a marketing tool. Of those, 85% feel that video marketing plays an important role in their marketing. That being said, don’t put off adding video content to your marketing toolbox for any longer! You may ask “what kind of video would we do?” Still not convinced? Think about these distinct benefits:

Live video is FREE

Talk about high return on investment! Television commercials can cost thousands of dollars, you can only say so much on a billboard, and who actually reads newspapers anymore? With live video, all you need are things that you probably already have: a social media account and a cell phone!

Live video is mobile

Speaking of cell phones, one of the best parts about live video is that it can be taken virtually anytime anywhere. There is no need to purchase and transport recording equipment, just whip out your cell phone and record. Live video is incredibly versatile - no preparation needed! If something exciting is happening at your facility, you can go live at a moments notice.

Live video is interactive

Live video is a really exciting new way to interact with your customers - and for you customers to interact with one another. With Facebook Live, you can see who has tuned into your video and what people are saying in the comments live. This can be a fun way to connect personally with your customers and see instantaneously how they are responding to your video (i.e. lots of comments may indicate a positive response, while fluctuation to low levels of viewership may indicate a low level of interest).


With these distinct benefits, live video is too good for your business to pass up. However, you may be hesitant to start streaming live because you aren’t sure what you would stream. Let us give you a few of our favorite ideas:

Show what your facility is all about

Show your customers what your gym or facility is all about. Introduce people to your staff, show them what your classes are like, showcase star students, etc. This is a great way to be personal with your customers and potential customers even if you aren’t-face to-face with them. A fun way to show off the personality of your facility could be interviewing your coaches and teachers. This is a way for your customers to better get to know who is or would be coaching their children.

Show what makes your facility unique

You have worked hard to make your gym or school unique. How are you showing that off to potential customers? Live video on social media is a great way to show off the personality of your facility. Make people who aren’t a part of your gym want to be! Show parents that kids not only have an awesome time at your facility. This is one of the best ways to stand out from your competitors.

Host a competition or giveaway

Promote your business by hosting a competition for people who like and share your business and announce the winner on Facebook Live! Or host a giveaway where in order to win, you have to tune in live. This will likely gain you a lot of viewers and increase your viewership on future videos.


Facebook Live has a fun feature that allows you to invite someone to join your live stream. In order for people join your live stream, they must be watching your stream at the time and accept your invitation. At that point, their live video will appear in a box on screen with your video. This can be a fun way to shake up your live video content and share the spotlight with others.

Host a Q&A session

Invite your customers to join you for a Facebook Live and ask them to ask you questions about anything. The people watching the video will be able to ask their questions in the comments and feel like a valued customer when you answer it on a live video. These types of videos can be deleted when they are over or can be archived on your social media page for people to watch at a later date.


As is with most things in marketing, your videos may not get a massive amount of traction right off the bat. It may take some time to learn what works best for you and what your audience responds best to. Stick with it!