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It’s Party Time at iClassPro!

February 25, 2015

We are excited to announce that a limited time FREE preview of iPartyPro!

How it started...

Initially, iClassPro was simply a class management software. We specialized in class management because that's what we were good at. We developed our own software because our owner and CEO Chris McNabb couldn't find a software solution to support his growing business with all the class functionalities he needed and without being heavily penalized by extra fees for that growth; and he knew other class based businesses felt the same. After all, handling a growing number of recurring enrollments is the dream of a class based business.

But these days, class businesses do so much more than just sell class enrollments! In Version 2 of our software we also introduced camps to help businesses manage short-term enrollments. Camps are great for managing special enrollments over holidays, school breaks and in the summer time!

But at about the same time, business owners got to thinking about all those other times when they had available space at their businesses. How could they get the most use out of the overhead of owning or renting such a large space? Parties! That's how! As class based businesses latched onto the idea of hosting birthday parties as supplemental income and the trend grew, iClassPro began asking questions. After we got enough answers to begin, we started coding.


Now Parties are here!

Instead of releasing a whole new version of iClassPro and moving customers over, our developers have been working hard to create the parties module in a way that would seamlessly integrate into the current version; iPartyPro. Over the last year or so, our development team has been not only been working hard to keep up with the ins and outs of new features and code optimization-- they have also been laying the groundwork for the release of iPartyPro! The new module has been through alpha and beta testing and now it has been made available for all of our customers to try (for free) for a limited time.

We hope that this free preview will give your business the opportunity to dig in and see all of the features and benefits of using iPartyPro. At the end of your free preview, if you would like to keep using iPartyPro-- all you have to do is agree to the added subscription fee for the module at www.iPartyPro.com/sign-up


Visit iPartyPro.com!

Watch the Promotional Video!

Check out the Features!


Or Get Started Now....

Get started by simply logging into your iClassPro account as an admin or business owner and navigating to the parties page. It's easy!


PREVIEW ENDS: 3-16-2015