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New iClassPro Status Page Launched!

October 30, 2014

Why would we have one?

For you, of course! As a part of our ongoing mission for transparency, accountability and excellent customer service, we launched our new software status page at  to make sure that you can get the information you need, when you need it. No long phone queues to wait through. As a business your time is valuable and you deserve fast answers.

What is the status page?

This page is a real time summary of the performance of the iClassPro software. It's also a centralized place for communication about incidents and scheduled maintenance.

In short, it's the first and best place to go when:

You are wondering if the software is down.

You are experiencing problems with speed.

You need to know if maintenance is scheduled.


What does the information on this page mean?

Orange Incidents Section- This is where you will find any information on current incidents. These updates include title in the orange bar, a bold status  a descriptive text detailing progress and solutions, and a time and date stamp for each status update. If there are no current incidents, this section may not appear.

Table of Components- Below the orange incidents section is a table listing the components and statuses of each of the portions of iClassPro. These include the iClassPro Application (your staff side), Parent Portal, Mobile Attendance Application, Public Website (www.iClassPro.com), Support Website (www.Support.iClassPro.com), iClassPro Merchant Services (our gateway & merchant processor), Outgoing MMS Messaging (SMS/Texting system) and the Outgoing Voice Broadcast system.

Scheduled Maintenance- This section is where we will list any upcoming scheduled maintenance notifications. However, we will continue to post reminders on social media and in newsletters when possible for your convenience.

System Metrics- the three tables listed under system metrics are live data monitoring the iClassPro Software. This data can be viewed by the day, week, or month. The Application Uptime graph will show any software outages. The Application Performance Index (Apdex) Score records a number that represents the average percentage of users within a tolerable to satisfied performance metric based on standards. Lastly, the Application Response Time graph indicates the average response time of the software based on user experiences.

Past Incidents- This section tracks previous incidents for easy reference.


How often should I check this page?

You can check it as often as you'd like. It's certainly a good idea to check this page if you believe you are having a connection issue or that the software is down. This will let you know if it's a problem we're experiencing or if it's a problem on your local internet network causing the page not to load.

You can bookmark the page for easy access or access it any time from the "Operational Status" link at the bottom of our webpage. If you would like to automatically receive updates, you can also use the subscribe button at the top of the webpage to receive automatic email updates for new posts!