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Select All Quick Tip

July 12, 2016

With recent enhancements, iClassPro has added a new Select All option that allows you to take action with multiple pages of results on the Families, Students, Classes, Camps and Staff pages!

No more page by page repeats. Filter down your list, use Select All and take action.
As simple as that!

With this improvement, the following tasks are now faster than ever before!

  • Sending Emails
  • Text Messages/Voice Broadcasts
  • Syncing MailChimp Lists
  • Issuing Mass Charges
  • Assigning Keywords
  • Assigning Sessions
  • Editing Classes
  • Contacting Staff


First, filter your selections until you are happy with your target audience.


Next, click the "Select All" button to select all of your matches.


Now, select your desired function from the action bar. It's that easy!


We hope you enjoy this new feature!