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Transaction Page Enhancements Coming in January!

December 20, 2016

Over the past several weeks our staff has been hard at work on improvements to the transactions page in iClassPro. These updates will deliver a more consistent user experience across the different tasks and allow the software to perform these transactions faster than ever before with references to new ledger tables introduced in 2016.


Key functionality changes will include:
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Important Name Changes

  • Global Tuition Charges has been renamed to Class Tuition Charges.
  • Global Block Charges has been renamed to Camp Tuition Charges.
  • Mass Drops has been renamed to Class Drops.
  • Auto Payments has been renamed to Payments.
  • Batch Statements has been renamed to Statements.
  • Mass Credits has been renamed to Credits.



Anniversary Dates and Settings

The Anniversary date stored on families and students has been enhanced! Now, the anniversary fields (date and fee override) will only be visible on either family OR student profiles, based on how the fee is set to be billed under Settings  >  Setup  >  General Settings. In these settings, we have removed the option for "Charge Date is Anniversary Date" in order to maintain the historical accuracy of previous period financial reports.

The anniversary field has also been re-labeled the "Anniversary Charge Eligibility Date" and will now allow you to set a future date to resume billing anniversary fees. Attempts to bill anniversary fees from the Anniversary Charges task will not include families or students with a resume date in the future. When this date is in the past, it will have no effect on future charges - which means that for those customers using it as a point of reference as to when the student signed up - there is no impact on the functionality of this field when used this way.

For ease of access, we have added an additional field to track the last date an anniversary charge was created.



Anniversary Charges Task

In the anniversary charges task, we have introduced several filter changes to improve functionality.

A new "Enrolled In" drop down will allow you to choose to issue anniversary charges to only class students, only camp students or both to mirror the functionality in iClassPro's parent portal.

The "(Active) As of Date" has been switched to a month field to catch more enrolled students at once. 

The "Anniversary Month" filter has been removed to avoid the possibility of missing customers who are due for an anniversary charge, but whose anniversary date is not in the selected month.  

An option labeled "Ignore Previous Anniversary Charges" now allows businesses to bill every customer (who does not have their Anniversary Charge Eligibility Date set to a future date) to be billed at once, regardless of the last time they were billed an anniversary fee. This enables businesses who "reset" the anniversary charge every year at the same time to do so.

An "Override Anniversary Fee" option has been included to allow businesses to bill an amount other than the one stored in settings using the task. The same fee will be used for each eligible family or student selected in the preview.



Class Tuition Charges

The option "Create a Separate Charge for Each Tuition" is now always enabled. Previously, disabling this feature allowed customers to group charges into a single charge entry with multiple line items.  This allowed possible rounding discrepancies caused by rounding several charges with different discounts and adding them together.  By removing this option, we are able to ensure a more accurate ledger.  Now, each class tuition will be broken out into a separate charge on the customer's ledger.



Statements Task

While the filter options in the Statements are the same, the preview buttons have been revised. Staff members will now have the option to "Process" which will email customers a statement and generate a PDF document (both of which will be located in your background tasks) and to "Generate PDF" which will simply produce a PDF with a copy of each customer's statement to print for mailing or handouts.



Credits Task

The Credits Task has been revised to a step-by-step format. At first, only a few filter options are available. As you enter more information in mandatory fields, more filters will appear.



General Changes

Other general changes affecting all pages include:

  • The addition of red asterisks to draw attention to required fields.
  • Date fields and non-essential drop down menus are no longer pre-selected, which means fewer mistakes!
  • Tasks which offered location filters now depend on the location toggled at the top of your screen.
  • Several filters have been re-ordered and re-labeled for consistency.


Each task now produces two background tasks.

The first task is a preview, which includes a complete list of selected filters!


The second task occurs once you click process from the preview, displaying what was just processed and allowing you to generate a report for your files.


We hope that you find the enchancements helpful, and as always, please contact us with any questions you may have.