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Yahoo! Link Previewer and iClassPro E-mail Blasts

June 30, 2017

Have any of your families been unsubscribed from email blast unintentionally?  It could be the result of a new feature that Yahoo! implemented in their email client called the “Yahoo! Link Previewer”. This feature provides thumbnail previews of links that are included in emails received by Yahoo! customers.  You can learn more about the Link Previewer here: https://help.yahoo.com/kb/SLN23615.html

An unintended consequence of the link previewer is that many users have been unknowingly unsubscribed from email newsletters. That happens because the Yahoo! Link Previewer must access the site that the link points to in order to create the thumbnail. This is all it takes in the case of a one-click unsubscribe link to remove the email address from the mailing list.

Unfortunately, iClassPro users have had thousands of families unintentionally unsubscribed by Yahoo!'s new feature. In response, we've implemented a confirmation dialogue requiring the user to confirm the action before they are unsubscribed.  

We also dug into the access logs and found all the requests from Yahoo! servers to OPTOUT links in the Parent Portal. With the information contained in the logs, we are currently re-subscribing all families that were inadvertently unsubscribed by Yahoo!. (If an unsubscribe request came from an IP address other than Yahoo!’s automated servers, the email will remain unsubscribed.)

We know iClassPro is a crucial tool in your marketing and communication efforts.  We hope that Yahoo!’s attempt to improve their product has not caused too much difficulty for you or your customers. We’re happy to have been able to develop counter measures that will help keep you in touch with your customers.