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Partial Refunds, Voids, and Settlement Status

September 14, 2018

To enable partial refunds and voids we utilize information from your payment processor about the settlement status of a payment. If a payment hasn’t been settled, it’s eligible for a void. If it has been settled, it can be refunded or partially refunded. Unfortunately, some payment processors do not provide the information necessary for iClassPro to intelligently enable partial refunds or voids. For clients whose processors (that are NMI-based) do not provide this information, our support team can enable an option in your account configuration that will override this.


If we override this and enable this functionality for you, it is up to you and your staff to be familiar with your gateway’s settlement schedule and make sure that you aren’t attempting an action that is not consistent with the settlement time. For example, if you choose to void a payment past the settlement time, it could fail. In this case, you would need to click refund again to refund the full amount. Likewise, if you attempt to do a partial refund before the settlement time, it would fail as the payment has not yet settled. In this case, you would need to void the payment and run a new payment for the correct amount.

If you would like to enable this setting in your account, please contact our support team via email at support@iclasspro.com or visit https://support.iclasspro.com.