QR Code Resurgence: The Unexpected Benefits of Using QR Codes at Your Small Business
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  • QR Code Resurgence: The Unexpected Benefits of Using QR Codes at Your Small Business

    May 17, 2022

    Whether you’re running a gymnastics facility, swim school, or cheer or dance school, QR codes could be the key to making both your staff and your customers feel safer and more connected during this day in time.

    Since the ’90s these square matrix barcodes have ebbed and flowed in popularity in various industries. Now they’re seeing new life among small businesses eager to introduce the smart technology that makes contactless interactions possible.

    So what are QR codes?
    Quick response, or QR, codes were first used to manage car manufacturing in Japan. The square, grid-like designs function as barcodes but were popular because they can hold far more information, can still be read even if partially damaged, and are more secure because the information on them can be encrypted. But when QR codes moved to a consumer application, the user experience was clunky, and they stayed in the manufacturing lane.

    These days, prompted by the quest for multipurpose, user-friendly, secure tech, manufacturers have re-envisioned the QR Code. Apple built sophisticated QR Code readers right into an iPhone’s camera app, so users don’t have to download a separate app to read them. Many Android phones now have this capability, too, or at least the ability to easily download the Google Lens app, which facilitates QR Code usage.

    See below for ways that scanning QR codes can facilitate all kinds of processes that give your customers a better experience.

    Increase website traffic
    QR codes can be used to link to a website’s landing page when scanned. Businesses can use this technique to drive traffic to their website to learn more about their offerings. This can be easily achieved by adding a ‘scan to learn more,’ call to action on your promotional material.

    Here’s a guide to choosing the best QR code generator.

    Reveal discount offers and coupons
    Another appealing way of using QR codes is to link your discount coupons and offers to the QR Code and combine it with an advertising slogan or tagline that compels customers to scan your QR codes. For example, if you sell swim goggles, you can give customers a discount on their first purchase.

    Signing up for newsletters, class availability, and customer surveys
    QR codes linked to sign-up forms are useful for retailers to gather customer emails and contact details. This type of lead generation can help a business keep its customers updated continuously. Customers, in particular, can be updated about the availability of classes and new offerings. Alternatively, you can also link QR codes to feedback forms that help in tracking and understanding customer satisfaction.

    Increased social media visibility
    Increase your visibility on social media by linking your QR codes to social media profiles. QR codes driving users to social media is an excellent way to gain more likes, shares, and subscribers.

    Boost app downloads
    Providing QR codes on marketing material and linking them to your mobile app download page is a simple yet effective technique of encouraging downloads.

    Linking to important forms
    In the type of business where customers need to fill out paperwork, your staff and customers may be trying to avoid shared pens, papers, and clipboards. Instead, you can create a QR code that links to needed forms and display it at the front desk or in the waiting area. Customers can then easily scan the code and fill out their form securely on their phone.

    Below are a few things to consider when you’re creating your QR code.

    Static vs. Dynamic: Static QR codes are fixed, while the information within dynamic ones can be changed. If you’re sure the information you are sharing (like the destination website or images) will never change, create a static QR code. If you want more flexibility, opt for a dynamic code. 

    Tracking Ability: Some QR code generators allow you to track the scanning history of your QR codes. For marketing purposes, for example, you can see how many people scanned the QR code flyers you distributed—an invaluable tool for tracking the ROI of your campaigns. But if you’re just using QR codes for uses like linking to important forms, you might not need this added feature.

    Personalization: Many QR code generators allow you to customize your codes for a fee. Different designs include making your logo a part of the code, incorporating fun colors into the design, or making the squares into different shapes. This can be a fun and eye-catching way to amp up your brand, especially if you’re handing out stickers with your QR code on them or you’re a chic retail store that wants a different QR code look for each season.

    QR codes may have been around since the ’90s, but there are new and exciting ways to reimagine their uses for smart technology in today’s world. Get started creating yours today!

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