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Ramp Up Enrollments

August 01, 2018

With summer winding down, your enrollments are probably ramping up. Use iClassPro to its fullest and boost enrollments this season at your facility with these tips.


Use News and Announcements

iClassPro’s “News & Announcements” feature is a perfect tool for letting your parents know that it is time to re-enroll their students. News & Announcements allows you to create blog-style posts that are displayed in the Parent Portal under the “Announcements” link in the navigation.

Learn more here.


Send out Marketing Emails

Reach out to parents via email with iClassPro’s email blasts. The email blast feature allows you to compose and send an email using images and variables to communicate with several customers at once! After clicking send, the task will be sent to the Background Task to complete. When the emails are finished sending, a report will be available in your background tasks with a copy of the email you sent and a detailed list of emails it was sent to. It will also tell you which email addresses may have opted out of your email blasts and which emails were not valid.

Learn more here.


Text Messages

Instead of contacting parents via email, reach out using iClassPro’s text messaging feature. You can send a mass text message to all of your customers to remind them to enroll and let them know about new classes you may be offering this season.

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Go Live!

Odds are, your business has a social media page - or maybe even many! Social is a great place to announce that you have opened enrollment at your facility. Spice things up and let people know it is time to enroll with an exciting live video.

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Use Online Resources

As a business owner, you might not have time to learn Photoshop. To announce your class offerings and encourage people to sign up, you can use online resources to make awesome graphics. Canva makes designing easy with templates and basic designs tools.

Learn more about Canva here.