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New Parent Portal Account Creation Process

April 24, 2018

In a world where our privacy is always at stake, iClassPro is committed to keeping you and your customers' information secure. We have implemented a verification system for anyone signing up via the Parent Portal that helps prevent fraudulent signups and ensure email deliverability to the specific addresses. This verification system also verifies account access prior to signing electronic waivers (i.e. staff cannot create the account via the parent portal and electronically agree to waivers on behalf of the family). Let us explain how it works:

When someone creates a new account, they will be required to agree to the iClassPro terms as well as provide their email address.

After doing so, they will receive an email where they can either copy the verification code or click on the link to complete registration.  Users will have up to 20 minutes to verify the account, otherwise, they will need to re-enter their email address.


Once they verify their account, they can complete Registration.


Read more about our secure sign up here.