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Spring Cleaning for your School

February 26, 2019

With the snow melting and the sun staying out later and later, Spring is just around the corner. With Spring comes spring cleaning - not just for your home, your business too! Check out our ideas for spiffing up your School this spring.

Deep clean your books
You’re probably knee deep in taxes right now. If the whole process is proving to be a bit of a  nightmare, you might need to find ways to organize your accounting methods. Once you’ve completed your business taxes, it might be a good time to reevaluate your bookkeeping.

Spiff up your website
A great website is your portal to the world, helping you to grow your brand. This spring, make sure your website reflects you and your gym and that it’s fully up to date! Take time to refresh some of your content and update the photos on your site.

Pour over your data
Set time aside this season to look at your numbers! Your iClassPro dashboard is a trove of information, right at your fingertips. Familiarizing yourself with the data from the past year and look for ways that you can improve and grow your gym going forward.

Plan ahead for the holidays
Mother’s Day, Easter, and graduation are coming up soon! What do you have planned for your school for these holidays? Look for new, creative ways to treat your students for these holidays.

Check out new features
Paperless is the way of the future. A good place to start limiting your paper clutter is to make sure that you are utilizing all of the features iClassPro has to offer. Now may be a great time to look at different areas of iClassPro that you may not be fully utilizing.

Empty your inbox
A cluttered inbox is one of the worst digital messes. Sit down for a bit and go through all your email, making sure you don’t have any outstanding ones from customers, and getting rid of all of that unnecessary clutter. Having a clean inbox is one of the best clean slates.

Consider long-term goals
Think back to your business plan and what you wanted your school to look like. What long term goals would you like to implement and what steps can you take now to realizing those? Consider goals for both for the company and for your own working life.

Clean your office. Literally.
I mean, you might as well. No one has vacuumed behind the printer in years.